Land Before Time

Today I learned that there is a very devoted and actually unexpectantly culturally fluent fanbase in existence that’s really super into the Land Before Time franchise.

This is a franchise that basically has produced one childhood classic for Millenials and then another 13 straight-to-video movies for Zoomers . Sequels that…pretty much sucked as I assumed most DTV sequels do.

When I was a kid however, I actually really really liked Land Before Time and have this vague memory of my cousin getting annoyed at me because his house had the VHS and mine didn’t, so I would always choose that movie and cash in guest privalege whenever I visited his house. It was also really important because my dad (who’s not too bright) had this weird thing where he forbade any animated film or show from our house which wasn’t either (a) made by Disney or (b) The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. No, I’m not kidding.

Because of my fondness for the film as a boy, I always had this passing curiousity as I grew up as to what the sequels were like even though I never got to see any of them (I might have seen parts of them; not sure). Also when I got old enough to where I could feasibly seek them out on my own, I was like 11 and had already moved onto Rambo, Dirty Harry, and the Terminator so I didn’t give enough of a damn anymore.

So it was kind of weird when my YouTube feed threw me this video amongst a bunch of horror film commentaries, World War 2 history channels, and vegetarian pasta recipes on the history of the entire franchise. It was actually really (oddly) refreshing to have that ever so slightly lingering itch scratched. It was also interesting to have a case made for the DTV sequels actually being halfway decent kid fiction. Just one more reason for me to love on them Zoomers (those kids are awesome). I need to look into the Air Bud franchise to see if anything similar happened. Because this is apparently how I spend my late afternoons now. On this kind of stuff.

By the by, I actually really dig being 32 to be honest. It’s been a good year so far. Like if this is the kind of insights I get to harvest from the noosphere, I can dig that.

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