Hot Drinks and Darkness

Random Truth

One of the most oft-repeated and blatantly untrue sentiments I hate seeing bandied about is “what happens in the dark comes out in the light”. See also: “you can never keep a secret” and “one’s sins catch up with them”. It’s romantic bullshit. Ideally yes, people get their “just desserts” and all, but there areContinue reading “Random Truth”

Signs That You’re Engaging With Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy-Adjacent Behaviour, or Otherwise General Bad Faith Political/Social Evangelism

Warning Signs Interspersed use of all caps exceeding one or two words (excluding headings obviously), up to and including a complete all caps post. General bad spelling/grammar that can’t be reasonably pinned to being on a mobile device. Attempts at ownership of the infinitive verb “are” (EG “The president *is* evil”). Early and upfront attemptsContinue reading “Signs That You’re Engaging With Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy-Adjacent Behaviour, or Otherwise General Bad Faith Political/Social Evangelism”

Herman Cain 1945-2020

I find myself kind of torn up in a really weird way over the death of Herman Cain. I hold this view that I don’t speak ill of the dead. I don’t wish death on somebody or engage in the cruel buffoonery that people like to do when they celebrate somebody dying or getting ill.Continue reading “Herman Cain 1945-2020”

Faith, Part Two

Firstly, apologies for the later-than-I-wanted follow-up. If you’re doing me the courtesy of reading my ramble, I thank you as always. If what I was driving at in my last post was that blind religious faith is dangerous, it wouldn’t have been worth speaking on. That’s something that even a decent portion of religious adherentsContinue reading “Faith, Part Two”

Faith, Part One

It’s funny to think about now, but I used to be quite a good little Christian boy. I was very adamant about it, extremely goody-goody. This fizzled out for me in time, but not before I had my opportunity to believe and help spread around some serious lies that my betters taught me were incontrovertibleContinue reading “Faith, Part One”

“One Pain”

We are only allowed the One Pain. We see it once per year during Cry Time. The adults and children all view the video together. It’s hard to piece anything especially specific out of it, but over the years you get the general gist. At some point decades and decades ago a man saw hisContinue reading ““One Pain””


(Original idea used with permission of u/dream_official from reddit’s writing prompts) All the major television networks received the unmarked VHS tape in their morning mailings via USPS priority. Hastily and inconsistently scribbled on every package in all capital letters were the markings of a seasoned attention-seeker: “BREAKING”, “OPEN IMMEDIATELY!!!”, and “IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN!!!”. InsideContinue reading ““Folly””

“Final Interview”

Ransoming wasn’t the chosen practice of the Vietcong on most occasions. It was thought of as a capitalist cudgel of the decadent and corrupt west, and it was—officially—eschewed by Mao Zedong. However, neccesity is what it is, and desperate times call for the wholesale abandonment of principles. The American’s superior technology and constantly-refilling resources were,Continue reading ““Final Interview””


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