“A Few Bad Apples”

Let’s unpack that. Let’s pretend for a moment, just pretend, that for every 500 American cops, there’s one “bad apple”. Maybe they’re racist, sexist, homophobic, a grifter/bribe-taker, maybe they’re selling drugs they confiscate. Who knows? Don’t growl at me over the number just yet (I think the number is much higher too), just follow whereContinue reading ““A Few Bad Apples””

Land Before Time

Today I learned that there is a very devoted and actually unexpectantly culturally fluent fanbase in existence that’s really super into the Land Before Time franchise. This is a franchise that basically has produced one childhood classic for Millenials and then another 13 straight-to-video movies for Zoomers . Sequels that…pretty much sucked as I assumedContinue reading “Land Before Time”

Aging: Another Self-Obsessive Millennial Adventure

A little under three years ago, I turned thirty years old. As with almost every other milestone I’ve passed in life, I tried to convince myself that nothing about this would significantly affect me; that I wouldn’t go through the rigamarole of agonizing over the reality of aging like “everybody else” had. That I’m hereContinue reading “Aging: Another Self-Obsessive Millennial Adventure”