Random Truth

One of the most oft-repeated and blatantly untrue sentiments I hate seeing bandied about is “what happens in the dark comes out in the light”. See also: “you can never keep a secret” and “one’s sins catch up with them”.

It’s romantic bullshit.

Ideally yes, people get their “just desserts” and all, but there are just as many times that people get away with this, that, and the other scot free. There are times when the cries of victims are heard by everyone and actioned by nobody. There are evil people who live evil lives, even long ones, that manage to have their nastiness ignored…and sometimes even celebrated.

It’s a comforting notion that somehow in the end all things will come out even, but it’s an archaic Judeo-Christian mind salve. Human history is, in my many ways, the story of which cover up ended up on top of all the other cover ups, or which lie managed to be palatable enough to the general public to allow at least a passive acquiescence from the general public, whose grumbling was a pittance in exchange for power maintenance. And not in any really meaningful way. It’s a noxious, chaotic, and self-interested jigsaw puzzle that shifts constantly.

It’s why I hate it when people romanticise revolution so much. Sure they come, they go, and indeed are even often necessary, but the truth is the revolutionaries eventually storm the palace and then the question “what’s next?” echoes through the halls and sooner or later, the answer comes back “first, we need to get rid of these bodies…”.

A Photo of Abstract Painting

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