Trump Probably Doesn’t Want to Delay the Election

I feel like the whole “delay the election” is not what it appears on the surface. I don’t think that the Trump administration actually has an eye on delay; it’s never been really done before and there’s no way the GOP has or ever has had the political capital to sell that the American public.

I think it’s the stated rationale behind the proposed delay that he’s trying to push. It’s just another way to reframe his assertion of mass voter fraud before the fact and try to give it a bigger tinge of seriousness.

The actual argument over a delay is bait. It’s meant so that you’ll take it as this big outlandish thing (which yeah, it is) and then use the outrage of left-leaning Americans to increase visibility of the “voter fraud” argument. I’m pretty sure at this point Trump’s election team knows that he’s pretty deep in the doo-doo right now, and that the only thread of a chance they have at keeping him in office most likely lies after the fact; a legitimate victory is increasingly unlikely at this phase (I give him around 20% odds). It would have to be super close and then leave him one *maybe* two states that he could manufacture a pretend crisis in.

I’m not saying it’s a great plan (it doesn’t seem to be working and the GOP really want him to shut up about it), but that’s what I think they’re trying to do all the same.

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